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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are particularly effective at removing pollutants which create unpleasant taste, colour, and odour in water. These fast-acting filters can eliminate or reduce the levels of chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides, and other organic and industrial chemicals.


Sediment Filters

Sediment or particulate filters are fine sieves which reduce dirt and other particles. Using one as a pre-filter will protect a water purifier from damage and extend its life, because it will take longer to become clogged with unwanted media.

Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Osmosis is a process which occurs when two solutions of different concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis water purification works by forcing the water under pressure against an ultrafine semi-permeable membrane designed to allow single water molecules to permeate through, while at the same time rejecting most contaminants. The membrane acts as […]


Drinking Water Facts

Drinking Water Facts Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides – even residues of the drugs we take, they all end up in our drinking water. Here’s what you can do about it. By Lara Grinevitch BSc, ND What is the problem with tap water? As Australian tap water makes its way through the catchment and distribution system, […]